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01-SSC-9785 10gb-sr sfp+ short reach fiber module multi-mode no cable 01-SSC-9786 10gb-lr sfp+ long reach fiber module single-mode no cable 01-SSC-9787 10gb sfp+ copper with 1m twinax cable
01-SSC-9785 10GB-SR SFP+ Short Reach Fiber Module Multi-Mode No Cable 01-SSC-9786 10GB-LR SFP+ Long Reach Fiber Module Single-Mode No Cable 01-SSC-9787 10GB SFP+ Copper with 1M Twinax Cable
01-SSC-9788 10gb sfp+ copper with 3m twinax cable 01-SSC-9789 1gb-sx sfp short haul fiber?module multi-mode no cable 01-SSC-9790 1gb-lx sfp long haul fiber module single-mode no cable
01-SSC-9788 10GB SFP+ Copper with 3M Twinax Cable 01-SSC-9789 1GB-SX SFP Short Haul Fiber?Module Multi-Mode No Cable 01-SSC-9790 1GB-LX SFP Long Haul Fiber Module Single-Mode No Cable
01-SSC-9791 1gb-rj45 sfp copper module no cable
01-SSC-9791 1GB-RJ45 SFP Copper Module No Cable